Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require any escrow money?

We require an escrow of $2500.

Do you require any money up front?

We do not require any up front money.

Do you have any discount programs?

Yes, we have a fuel discount program and also offer a limited tire discount for certain tires & locations.

What are the tractor requirements?

We usually do not take tractors over 12 years; however, we will make exceptions. We do prefer if your tractor is older than a 2002, that you start a maintenance escrow after you start rolling. That will help fund any unexpected truck repairs.

Do you have a license plate program?

If you do not have your own plate, we can rent you a plate. The cost is $45.60 a week which also includes the $10 service fee for processing fuel/mileage taxes, the service fee on the fuel/tire discounts we have and providing a trailer tow-away plate.

What type of loads do you pull?

We pull anything on wheels. Empty vans, loaded vans, empty tanks, tool trailers, entertainment equipment, concert staging, circus rides & equipment, flatbeds, stacks of chassis, generators, etc.

We do not pull Hazmat loads.

We have pulled specialty loads like Ozzy Osbourne's motorcycle, Tom Cruise's workout equipment, and circus animals.

You will never get bored with your loads.

Do you offer insurance?

Enterprise pays for Liability and Cargo.

We offer occupational accident, physical damage, and bobtail insurance. Physical damage depends on the value of your truck, bobtail is $28 per month, and occupational accident is $27 per week. You may also use your own insurance.

Can I have a passenger ride with me?

Your passenger must be at least 18 yrs old. The cost is $10 per month. You must complete an authorization form and have a copy in the truck with you.